A&M Scotland is a charity that works to improve life chances of the young people living in some of the most deprived areas. They do great work in the form of holiday and after-school clubs as well as in-school sessions for children which have, in the past, been centered on football and dance. Beyond Boundaries supported them to add cricket to their program. With cricket being equally attractive to both girls and boys, and involving 9 out of the 10 generally recognised gross motor skills, it is an ideal vehicle to appeal to all groups and provide physical activity.

Over the school holidays last summer and October, for example, there was structured cricket focused sessions in a really positive environment that placed the emphasis very much on participation, teamwork and fun. Around 600 participant sessions were provided with about a third of the participants being girls and a wide cross section of ethnicities represented. Wider learning and other forms of support were included in the sessions.

Charity Cheque

This work was a great success and certainly an example of what you might say is using cricket as a means to an end. Beyond Boundaries is supporting A&M throughout winter 2017/18 to carry on its great work.

And for evidence of its success see what the BBC had to say about it!

BBC article


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