As one of Scotland’s fast-growing sports, cricket is popular right across the country and offers really accessible versions of the game suitable for everyone. Beyond Boundaries seeks to use cricket to encourage groups that are under-represented in physical and mental activity to benefit from such activity.

Cricket is often assumed only to mean the traditional format of the game. Beyond Boundaries encourages the use of the many other formats of the sport – soft ball as well as hard ball, tape ball cricket, street cricket, fun and learning formats for children, adaptations for disabled people etc – to offer attractive opportunities to all groups to experience the benefits of activity through cricket. It also helps young people who are active in cricket but face barriers to playing.


Our strapline “Cricket for All” says it all!

To support these aims, Beyond Boundaries’ objectives are to use cricket in any of its forms to:
• Increase the number of women and girls having access to sport and exercise
• Offer disadvantaged communities different opportunities to experience the benefits of sport, exercise and teamwork
• Capitalise on the unique appeal of cricket for many communities to increase social inclusion in Scotland
• Offer greater opportunity for disabled individuals to participate in cricketing activities


What We Do

• Source increased charitable funding and donations
• Welcome applications from clubs, individuals and groups seeking support for events and initiatives such as summer camps, coaching sessions and community outreach
• Seek sponsorship and partnerships for events and initiatives
• Fund individuals who are disadvantaged in any way
• Support enabling roles which help to deliver our objectives

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